When should you file an insurance claim in an auto accident?

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Have you been in an auto accident?

Has there ever been a time you were involved in a minor car accident and thought about whether you should report it to your insurance company or just pay out of pocket? A lot of people have, this is because of the fear that filing a claim will automatically raise their insurance rates no matter what. Many think that just coming to a settlement with the other driver and not getting the insurance companies involved makes everything go away but what if the other driver claims an injury later on or, if the damage to their vehicle is more extensive that what they originally thought? You could still be eligible for legal action taken against you. 

To prepare for a possible claim against you, provide the other driver with your insurance information, call the police, and report the incident to your insurance company. This is because the insurance company can help you pay for any legal defense you may need as well as, help pay for property damage or injuries to others. This also protects you from the insurance company being able to deny coverage.

There are only a few instances where not filing a claim due to an accident makes sense and those are usually when it is just a single car accident and no one’s property but that of the person causing the accident is damaged. For instance, you are backing out of your driveway and hitting the mail box.

Another good tip for any car accident is to always take multiple photos of your cars damage and the other drivers before leaving the scene of the accident. This will help protect you in the case the other driver claims something different that actually happened in the accident.

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