18 Riding Lawnmower Safety Tips for the Summer

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Riding Lawnmower Safety


Of all the machinery and equipment you work with, riding lawnmowers are one of the most hazardous, mostly due to sheer size and power. Namely, you face cutting or amputation hazards, rollover hazards and danger from flying debris. In order to stay safe and avoid injury while operating a riding lawnmower, follow these precautions.

General Precautions

  1. Read the instruction manual and receive the proper training before operating the machinery.

  2. Inspect the equipment before use for any damaged or missing parts.

  3. Ensure that the grass catcher, discharge guard and other safety devices are in working order and in their proper position.

  4. Before use, clear the desired mowing area of debris, rocks, large branches, lawn furniture or other obstacles.

  5. With the engine is off, adjust the deck’s cutting height.

  6. Fill the gas tank in an open space to avoid fume inhalation.

  7. Never carry passengers on the mower with you or let any unauthorized persons operate the machine.

  8. Wear tight-fitting long pants, eye protection, ear protection, non-slip boots and gloves to protect your body against flying debris.

  9. Do not wear hanging jewelry, belts, chains or anything else that could get caught in the moving parts.

  10. Avoid driving in reverse, if possible.

Operating Safely

  1. Start the mower while in the driver’s seat, not while standing next to the machine.

  2. Disengage the mower and transmission before starting.

  3. Engage the blades at the lowest engine setting first and then release the brake slowly.

  4. Mow in straight lines except when steering around objects such as trees and shrubs.

  5. Slow down significantly while turning.

  6. Never put your hands or feet near the rotating blades under the machine.

  7. Never dismount the mower while the blades are engaged or the engine is running.

  8. Most riding lawnmower accidents occur on the slope of a lawn. To prevent rollovers, mow up and down slopes; do not attempt to drive across them.