Risk Management

The welfare and profitability of a company cannot be maximized without knowing how to handle risks.  Most insurance agency’s profess to provide risk management. However, selling insurance is not managing risk.

Our risk management process consists of (1) identifying risk using insurance contract analysis, financial statements, review of contracts to be signed, loss data, etc.; (2) Analysis of the risks using frequency and severity patterns, reviewing and categorizing exposures, etc.; (3) Controlling the risk using prevention, physical transfer, claims management, etc.; (3) Financing the risk using insurance and non-insurance methods and (4) implementing & monitoring the risk management plan developed.

Our process will reduce your company’s “total cost of risk”, the sum of a company’s insurance premiums, deductibles, uninsured losses, loss control costs and administrative costs. In other words, your company is taking out of its revenue stream substantially more than just an insurance premium. 

Call us to assist in maximizing your company’s bottom line by recognizing, reducing and controlling your risk.