We have an outstanding team of professionals that are here for you every step of the way. 



Mark Arnold- Owner / Agent

Founded Arnold Insurance Agency, Inc., growing from 1 customer in 1983 to one of Ohio’s largest surety and construction insurance firms, working with over 350 contractors.  Currently bonds and insures over $1 billion in construction projects every year.  

614.425.0256 mark@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Harry Bound- CRM, CIC, CPCU Agent

Graduated from Wittenberg University in 1970 and has operated in the Surety & Insurance Industry for over 40 years, specializing as a Certified Risk Manager.  Served on the Board of Directors for the Independent Insurance Agents of Columbus, and the Professional Insurance Association of Ohio.  

614.395.7124 harry@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Jason Daniels- Agent

Graduated from University of Dayton in 1998 and has been in consultative sales and Insurance since.  Using a risk management approach, evaluates and provides insurance and bonding programs to companies across Ohio.

937.305.1082 jason@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Ryan Birch- Agent

Graduated from Ohio State University in 2010 and began his career in the Surety Industry.  With over 8 years Surety & Insurance experience, Ryan provides a risk management approach for contractors throughout the state of Ohio.

614.373.1037 ryan@arnoldinsuranceagency.com



Mike Warner- Personal Lines Specialist

Served as a United States Marine and received his MBA from Xavier in 1997.  15 years experience in the insurance industry, specializing in Personal Insurance Programs.  Assists clients in closing coverage gaps and protecting their personal assets.  

614. 863.0455 mike@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Daniell Dahl- General Manager/Commercial Client Specialist

19 Years of Experience

Oversees all agency functions while providing prompt individualized service and support to our clients and their day to day operations.

 614. 863.0455 daniell@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Brittany Walton- Surety Bond Specialist

13 Years of Experience

Provides surety bonds and support to over 300 contractors across Ohio.

 614. 863.0455 brittany@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Becky Bryner- Commercial Lines Client Specialist

15 years of experience

Provides prompt individualized service and support to our clients and their day to day operations.

614. 863.0455 becky@arnoldinsuranceagency.com

Nicole DeAndero- Commercial Lines Client Specialist

11 Years of Experience

Providing prompt individualized service and support to our clients and their day to day operation

 614. 863.0455 nicole@arnoldinsuranceagency.com